Shipbourne Design Statement

Shipbourne Design Statement

Regional differences identify where we are as we travel about the countryside. These differences, previously apparent in the bricks and stone used for building or in the native plants of the area, are becoming harder to detect. Development in towns, suburbs and villages are increasingly uniform in style. The differences that reflect our natural regional variations are fast disappearing. When we lose these, we lose the richness and diversity of our countryside.

Shipbourne in Kent  Trees at Puttenden

Change is a healthy and essential ingredient for a thriving rural community; it should be encouraged and celebrated. However there are negative aspects of change that occur and even minor ones can erode rural character and diversity. Communities have to be ready to manage environmental change for their own and the future generations’ benefit. They must ensure that it is in harmony with the landscape setting and contributes to the conservation of and, where possible enhances, the diversity of the local environment and ecology.

A Design Statement such as the Shipbourne Design Statement is important because it enables visual qualities of the village and local priorities – as defined by the community – to be considered in the planning processes. The design issues included in the Statement are of use to individual owners when contemplating or undertaking any alterations to their property. Likewise, developers and builders will find the Design Statement a helpful tool. It aims to help guide change in ways that will enhance, rather than detract from, the quality of life in the village and its environment and that will contribute to its conservation. The principles of design that are incorporated in the Statement aim to encourage good practice and not stifle innovation and imaginative proposals.

Ragstone Wall  Clay Tiles

The Shipbourne Design Statement is an informative and quality 33 page booklet illustrated with 72 colour photographs and eight black & white drawings and maps. Pages 20 to 29 form the Supplementary Planning Guidance that was adopted by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council in February 2002.

A copy has been made available to every household in the Village. If you would like an additional copy or have just moved in or are involved in the preparation of plans or specifications and feel a copy may be useful to you, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Shipbourne Design Statement

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