Supporting Us

How can you support us?
St Giles’ is responsible for all its own expenses, including making a contribution to the costs of the diocese, and relies on donations from parishioners and other friends from outside the parish, who support the church’s work. We are now seeking funds for major restoration work on the fabric from grant making institutions, as well as fund raising events and personal donations. You can read further details on the restoration appeal page at

Donations to St Giles can be made by bank standing order, an envelope scheme or by donations in church, and benefit from Gift Aid where the necessary declaration has been made. You can find information on the envelope scheme and Gift Aid forms for completion at the back of the church. Cheques should be made payable to “St Giles’ Church, Shipbourne”. Further information on supporting the ministry of the church can be obtained from the Treasurer, Charlie Keeling, email: [email protected]

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