Village Information

The village of Shipbourne lies in the county of Kent, in an undulating landscape traversed by the small streams of the River Bourne, set in a clay vale at the foot of the wooded Sevenoaks Greensand Ridge.

Situated between the towns of Sevenoaks and Tonbridge, in the borough of Tonbridge & Malling, just under 400 parishioners and their children live in almost 200 dwellings. The landscape is agricultural with dispersed groups of buildings that are almost entirely residential or used for farming purposes.

The dominant characteristics of the historical landscape are thick woodland with smaller, broadleaf coppices with small to medium sized fields enclosed by traditional boundaries of hedges or chestnut fencing. Earlier removal of some hedgerows has resulted in some larger arable fields; these are often separated by small woodland belts or Shaws. The most distinctive landscape feature is The Common, also known as The Green, which is a large, open and dominant space in the centre of the village.

The parish is situated in the Metropolitan Green Belt and is an area designated as a Special Landscape Area. The central village including the pub, the church, the village school and The Common is within a Conservation Area. Much of the village lies within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (

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