If you think someone is in immediate danger, please call 999 for the emergency services.

Alternatively call Social Services: 

Concerned about an adult?

  • Call 03000 41 61 61 (text relay 18001 03000 41 61 61) during office hours or email [email protected]

Concerned about a child?

  • Call 03000 41 11 11 (text relay 18001 03000 41 11 11) during office hours or email [email protected]  Out of office hours call 03000 41 91 91.


St Giles PCC has adopted policies for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, in accordance with Church of England guidance as set out in the House of Bishops’ Policy, Protecting all God’s Children. Follow the link below or find it on our noticeboard in the church along with Parish contact details.

The PCC adopted a statement implementing the House of Bishops’ safeguarding policies and good practice guidance at a meeting of the PCC on 26 October 2020.

Members of the PCC and others involved in the life of St Giles undertake appropriate training on safeguarding and are DBS checked. The parish lead recruiter is Sandy Oram.

Past Cases Review

We are committed to making our church a safe space for all.

Churches across the Diocese of Rochester are currently undertaking a comprehensive safeguarding review to establish that all known past cases of concern relating to church abuse have been considered and dealt with appropriately.

If you are concerned about something you have experienced in a church, now or in the past, or you are worried about another person – perhaps a vulnerable adult or a child – there are people you can talk to and you will be taken seriously.

Anyone who needs to come forward with information or make any disclosures regarding church related abuse are encouraged to make direct contact with the Diocese of Rochester’s Safeguarding team on: 01634 560000 or visit:

Recognising that this may not feel safe for those with a lived experience of abuse from within the church, a dedicated telephone helpline, operated independently from the church, by the NSPCC, is available. Calls can be made free on 0800 80 20 20

If you would like to talk with someone locally, our Parish Safeguarding Officers are

Parish Safeguarding Officer is Cath Jackson 07729814798                                                                                                                                  Assistant Adult Safeguarding Officer is Debbie Mason (To be confirmed)
Assistant Children’s Safeguarding Officer is Glynis Coates

St Giles Rector Rev Dr Peter Hayler 01732 811081

Reporting and recovering from abuse

At St Giles we want to provide a safe and secure space to explore faith and find God.   As in life, people are flawed and damage is done even in the relationships that we should be able to trust most.  We provide information below on how to find support if you are currently experiencing or have experienced any kind of abuse, either in or outside of the church.  We want you to be confident in knowing where to look if you should need to ask for help for yourself or someone that you are supporting.

Experiencing any kind of abuse is devastating and can have life-long consequences.   Looking for help and support is one of the most courageous things that someone can do. I trust you’ll find something here that will support your next step forward.

The Government website for domestic abuse support: Support for survivors and suffers of sexual abuse  Support for survivors and those suffering with male rape and domestic abuse. Supporting recovery from childhood abuse NSPCC guide Support for those suffering with domestic abuse

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