Recycling collections

Dear all

Following discussions with Urbaser regarding the delayed recycling collections due to driver shortages, they advise that in order to catch up, they need to suspend this week’s recycling collection and for a further two weeks.

We expect full service to be resumed from Monday 12 July and will issue the following advice for residents to follow until then:

  • Residents with outstanding recycling collections from last week (14-18 June) should leave their bins out. They should be completed by Saturday 26 June
  • Recycling collections due this week 21-25 June and for the next two weeks (28 June-9 July) have been suspended

Black bins (non-recyclable material), food caddies and garden waste will continue to be collected on the scheduled days.

During the period of recycling service suspension, residents due a black bin collection may also put out their green bins and boxes. This will not be recycled and will be combined with refuse for energy generation.

Of course, this is not ideal, and we would encourage residents to store their recycling or use the recycling sites if possible, but it provides a solution for those unable to do so. 

As we have been informed, the lack of HGV drivers is a national issue and affecting a number of councils across the country as well as national supermarkets and delivery firms.   

The attached press release will go out today and we will continue to update our website and post social media messages to inform residents.  

We understand the frustration and disruption this is causing to residents and anticipate this plan for recovery will steer us back on track.


Robert Styles

Director of Street Scene, Leisure & Technical Services

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

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